Free Club Penguin Membership

EVER WANTED a free membership on Club Penguin? Do you want to be able to afford all the latest clothing and furniture, access all areas during parties and generally have MUCH MORE fun on Club Penguin? Now you can with our FREE Club Penguin Membership codes generator which doesn't even require a download or a password.

Q. So how do I claim my free Club Penguin membership?
A. Watch the video above and it will explain everything in simple steps you can follow.

Q. Is this safe?
A. As it requires no download or password, this cheat is 100% genuine and safe to use.

Q. How does it work?
A. There are millions of penguins with recurring memberships that aren't being used. The inactive accounts are stored in a database on CLub Penguin's servers which you can retrieve and set data from using a public JSON API. After the accounts have been inactive for a fixed amount of time, their membership is released and the code is stored in the database for working use. Our system simply connects to the API and retrieves this data. It's as quick and easy as that!

Q. Why didn't I receive my membership?
A. This could be a server overload or Club Penguin blocking our requests. If you don't get a code, please try again in an hour and if it persists to not work, try again the following day. After you've done that and the Club Penguin Membership Hack is STILL out of use, contact us on